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Card Types and Card Colors on the Kanban Board Report

Mar 15, 2012 at 1:18 AM

It seems that card colors within the Kanban Board Report (and its sub-reports) are tied directly to the default card types that come with the process template.  Without knowing that, we updated the card types to better reflect our process and all of the cards started showing up as white on the report.  To resolve that, we modified our card types to include a color name, such as "Bug (Red)", and then updated each sub-report used in the Kanban Board Report to grab the color to use for the card background from the card type name.  Of course, this isn't a great solution since every card type now has a color in its name...

Perhaps the final version of the template could include another work item type for card types (much like exists for process steps).  The card type work item could then include a field for color (as well as any other interesting attributes of card types -- not sure what those might be, but there might be something else of interest).  Then the Global List Synchronizer could be updated to create/update a global list for card types based on the card type work items (just like is done for process steps).  Finally, the sub-reports could be updated to include the right card type work item information in the queries used so that the colors could be pulled from the card type work items and used to set the background color of the card in the Kanban Board report.

Dave F.

Mar 15, 2012 at 11:59 AM

Hi Dave,

Thanks again for logging this in Codeplex - we really appreciate your suggestions (and bug fixes ;))