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GlobalListUpdaterPlugin does not work in a non english TFS


The plugin (Aug 14, 2012, v1, Stable) does not work in a TFS environment where the fields names have been translated.
It does not even log in the event viewer.

The problem is in the plugin's EventHandler, line 56 :
                // BEFORE: using field's Name instead of the reference name
                //StringField workItemType = workItemEvent.CoreFields.StringFields.FirstOrDefault(i => i.Name == "Work Item Type");
                // AFTER: using the reference name.  Working like a charm
                StringField workItemType = workItemEvent.CoreFields.StringFields.FirstOrDefault(i => i.ReferenceName == "System.WorkItemType");
It would also be nice to add some logging levels for debugging those kind of problem.

Closed May 10, 2013 at 10:21 PM by wschaub
Thomas Schissler has posted an update to the GlobalListUpdater, which addresses this issue. Please use the code dated 2013-05-10 or later.