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Cumulative flow diagram report failed when Process Step order is missing


The field Order of a process step is not mandatory so when there's an empty value in it, the cumulative flow report fail with the very useful (wink wink) error message "Parameter validation failed. It is not possible to provide valid values for all parameters. (rsParameterError)".So, the following update of the CFD.rdl do the trick. Notice the new second where clause (AND Microsoft_VSTS_Kanban_ProcessStep_Order <> ''): SELECT DISTINCT System_Title + ',' + CAST(Microsoft_VSTS_Kanban_ProcessStep_Order AS NVARCHAR) FROM dbo.CurrentWorkItemView WHERE System_WorkItemType = 'Process Step' AND Microsoft_VSTS_Kanban_ProcessStep_Order <> '' UNION SELECT 'Backlog,-999' ThanksPhil
Closed May 14, 2013 at 2:09 PM by wschaub
Resolved in latest template update, included in v1.2, downloads dated 2013-05-14 or later.