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Upgrade to TFS 2012


We have been using a modified verion of this Kanban template and are now preparing to migrate to TFS 2012. I was wondering if someone has already been through this and can share their experience. Specifically I am exploring solution to the following questions
a) The existing template has WIT of card which goes to the requirement category like user story. However there is no WIT for the task category. TFS common configuration would not accept blank as the task category. How would you recommend handling this? Should we add a task WIT?

b) TFS 2012 update 2 has the option of creating custom columns. Has anyone explorer the possibility of linking it to process step so they both are in synch.

c) I like the way they do Kanban in 2012 but it looks like they are just making Agile work as Kanban. The neat thing about this template was the ability to synch completly with the Kanban approach. Any plans of this template being upgraded to 2012 or providing a migration path.

Thank you.
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